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Meet Coach Geeta 360: Transformative Life Coaching for Personal Growth and Success

The Ultimate Empowerment Hub: Unleashing Life's Potential with Coach Geeta 360.

Geeta Believes that

"It's Never Too Late Too Start"

About Coach Geeta

Coach Geeta is a highly experienced and successful life coach based in North Carolina, USA, since the year 2000. She has over 30 years of professional experience in corporate IT and business, both in India and the USA. Her diverse background and extensive knowledge make her a valuable asset to her clients. Geeta employs a range of powerful techniques, including the Law of Attraction, EFT, Ho’ Oponopono, Mind Power Practice, NLP, Visualization, Meditation, Mindfulness, Energy, and Frequency Management, to provide clients with lifesaving tools for personal growth and development.


Geeta is dedicated to empowering individuals with simple, effective tools and strategies that promote a life of peace, happiness, and abundance. Through her 1-to-1 and group coaching services, she helps those struggling with negative emotions related to money, relationships, career, or health to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their full potential. Her 360-degree success framework facilitates action and inspires individuals to make their dreams a reality. Her constant intention is to add 10X value to her students and give them 100% results.

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